hunderbar / Ai Kobayashi

1985                                 Born in Yokohama, Japan


2003-2007                        Bachelor of Fine Arts: University in Japan Joshibi Art and 

                                         Design, Oil Painting and Printmaking Course, 

                                         Department of Painting

2016〜        Stay in Berlin

Exhibition & Place

2017                                 “small planet, small creators”        sowale gallery 

                                         “Japanese Sake Festival Berlin 2017”    Urban Spree gallery

2018                                 “Winter Cafe”      cafe Diamantfabrikken

                                         “Elemente des Lichts und Schöpfungen der Seele”

LA GIRAFE gallery

2019                                 “Ortstermin 2019”  Restaurant la fabrica

2020                                 “meine Vierjährige Kunstwerke” made in wedding gallerie

“Ortstermin2020” Restaurant la fabrica

currently on display   

                                         “CREAM HAIR” Kanagawa  Hair Salon

                                         “FUNSUI” Kawasaki bar

“la fabrica” Berlin Moabit restaurant

Presentation of the artist:

My name is Ai Kobayashi and I’m a Painter in Berlin.
I chose this city as a place of residence to gather inspiration for my art.
An early inspiration for my works, this Dog was at one´s parent´s home.
For painting, I mainly use Japanese drawing brushes.
Many of my artworks are my interpretation of e.g. Photo opportunities.
If you compare it to music, it would be like the remix of another song.

Thanks for your interest.